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Pokemon Go Hack
Pokemon Go Hack

Searching for Pokemon Go Hack?

Pokemon Go is the most anticipated game of the year.  Nintendo collaborated with Niantic Labs on this game and announced the release of this game last September (2015).

Since then,  everyone waited for the game. Especially, the Pokemon fans did.  Millenials know the tv series,  and we religiously followed Ash in all his adventures.  This year, it was the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

And we are getting a surprise,  a completely free game for iOs and Android.  After plenty of rumours, the game finally launched in July,  in U.S.,  New Zeeland and a couple of other countries.  The rest of the world will be launched later on.

On this website,  we will discuss everything related to Pokemon Go – especially the different how to’s, cheats and hacks involved in playing the game.  But we, essentially, focus on all the hacks around the game.

Do Pokemon Go Hack exist?

The short answer is: yes.   The long answer is: yes, too.

Let me explain this a bit further.  As you know,  Niantic Labs developed the game in collaboration with Nintendo.  The Pokemon Go game is Nintendo’s first game for iOs en Android. That being said,  you have to consider this.

The first game on iOs en Android.  The first virtual reality game ever (besides Ingress).  The game is launched just a few weeks ago.

The point I want to make is:  there are inevitably bugs in the game.  These bugs can be expoited in your favor.  Some people call it cheating – Pokemon Go cheats, and others call it hacking – Pokemon Go Hack.

Either way,  you can manipulate the Pokemon Go game.

Some bugs are already found,  others are yet to be found.  Keep an eye on this website, so we can keep you posted about the latest developments regarding pokemon go hack.

How to Play Pokemon Go in Other Countries? (Hack #1)

This piece of content can be outdated at the time you read this. If you do not live in a country in which Pokemon Go is not yet launched – please read on. We’ve figured out a hack for you that makes it possible for you to play Pokemon Go while it is not even released in your country.

Super cool, heh?

You can watch the full video tutorial on how to do this.


How To Fake Your Location? (Hack #2)

As you know, Pokemon Go is a virtual reality game. Thus, it is important to go out of your home and chase whatever pokemon is on your mind.

The problem is – you could be lazy. Like me. So in order to become a Pokemon Master, you will need to find out tricks or hacks in order to find and catch pokemons efficiently.

Like a master.

A way to do this is to fake your location. Pokemon Go shows where to find and catch Pokemon’s. In order to catch the Pokemon, you will need actually get out there and catch the Pokemon – which is not always possible.

A workaround is available. We call it a Pokemon Go Hack. It’s called “Faking Your GPS Location”.

Do you want to find out how to do this? Check out this video.

Pokemon Go Free Coins (Hack #3)

Nintendo and Niantic Labs, both the developers of the app game, initially released a press release back in September 2015 in which they stated that Pokemon Go would be a free to download app game for both iOS and Android.

It’s true. It’s free.

But nothing is free – money has to be made by the owners of the game. They monetize the app through in-app purchases. Our Pokemon Go Masters that are serious about this game can “supercharge” themselves, in order to become succesful quicker.

(Especially for the people under us who aren’t patient).

A way to catch more Pokemons (by having more Pokeballs) or other benefits, you can buy Pokemon Go Coins within the app. With these coins, you can then buy more Pokeballs and other accessoires.

It’s very simple.

Who pays gets more advantages. However, if you don’t pay – you need to be patient and acquire these resources in a more slower pace.

It’s your choice.

However, there could be a Pokemon Go hack that makes it possible to essentially get free coins? Is one available? Hehe? I know, you don’t.

It actually is. It’s not a Pokemon Go Free Coins Generator. It’s nothing like that.

Check our video below to get yourself walked step by step in how to get pokemon coins for free.

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