Pokemon Go! Pokemon Go! Pokemon Go! This game totally turns around the table in the gaming world from the past 5-6 days. It is the top most trending games everywhere in the world. This game is all about catching up of Pokemon and believe us it will be difficult for you. . If you are a Pokemon Go game player then it is very important for you to know that procedure to use incense to catch Pokemon. It will help you to catch more and more Pokemon in this game.

Incense to Catch Pokemon
Incense to Catch Pokemon

How To Use Incense To Catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go

First of all we will discuss about incense, so it an item which is available in the game and it will help the player to catch Pokemon in this game. Suppose you are sitting at your home and you want to catch Pokemon, then this item will attract all the nearby Pokemon to your current location. This item is very helpful in those conditions when you need a bunch of Pokemon in a rural area. You can use incense to catch Pokemon and it last about 30 minutes in this game.

If you want to use incense to catch Pokemon then you should be very careful about the timing as timing is one of the most important components of this game. When you use this item then a timer starts and it doesn’t stops even when you close the game.

Steps to Activate Incense in Pokemon Go Game

This is one of the most interesting ways to catch a bunch of Pokemon as it will automatically attracts all the Pokemon to your current location. But it will only last about 30 minutes. It means that we have only 30 minutes to catch lots of Pokemon in one Incense slot. Let’s talk about the procedure to use Incense in this amazing game:-

  • Firstly you should open the game by clicking the game icon on your menu screen.
  • Then you should have to tap on the Poke Ball icon which is present at the bottom of the screen.
  • The there will be several items appear on your screen. Then you have to click on the Incense item.
  • The Incense will appear which is hovering above you.
  • You can tap it again to activate the luring effect for the Pokemon and then it will work for about 30 minutes.
  • There will be a timer appeared on your screen which will tell you how long will Incense last?

This will help you to catch lots of Pokemon in this game for a particular interval of time. You can also observe a purple pink cloud which encircles your avatar after activating the Incense effect. If you have downloaded this amazing game on your device, then you have to know the correct procedure to use incense to catch Pokemon as it make you easier to catch lots of Pokemon in this game.


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