Pokemon Go is a game made for Pokemon lovers, and this game is completely based on the cartoon serial of Pokemon. While playing this amazing game on your device, you will know the importance of Pokecoins in Pokemon world. You will need these coins for each and every transaction in this game. Every player wants to know how they can get Pokecoins for free in Pokemon Go as they are one of the most important components in this game. There are lots of amazing items in this game, and you need a currency in this game to buy them all. There are several methods to get Pokecoins for free in Pokemon Go, which will be discussed in this article.

Pokecoins For Free
Pokecoins For Free

Pokecoins – What are they?

In Pokemon world, you need some items to survive in this game, and these items are not free. You need a currency to buy them all which is called Pokecoins. Some items like Pokemon balls, portions, revive, etc.; are available in this game, and you can buy these items with Pokemon’s coins. You can buy Pokecoins with the help of your wallet and enjoy the game. But sometimes we don’t want to touch our wallet and want to get Pokecoins for free in Pokemon Go. So we will tell you the two hacks that will help you get lots of Pokecoins in this game.

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Earn Pokecoins for free

Here we have found two ways to earn Pokecoins and enjoy the game. You just have to win some battles and move to some certain locations in this game, and you will get Pokecoins for free in Pokemon Go. The second method will be more time consuming for you. You just have spent your time, and you will get free Pokecoins regularly. Here are two tips which will help you to get Pokecoins for free in Pokemon Go:-

Tip 1: Being a Gym trainer to get Pokecoins

To get free coins, you just have to make your team and take control over the enemy-controlled gym.

  • Fighting with the number of trainers and defend the gym is also a better option to get Pokecoins for free in Pokemon Go.
  • As long as your tag of gym leader will last you can collect more Pokecoins.
  • Each gym which is protected by a Pokemon will give you extra Pokecoins. You will get about 10 Pokecoins in 21 hours.
  • Creating a team is strongly recommended as you will remain undefeated in the gym and earn lots of coins for a log interval of time.

Tip 2: Alternate Method

This process will give you lots of Pokecoins without doing anything as you just have to make some clicks per day to earn coins. You have to download Google Opinion Rewards app on your device. This app helps you to earn lots of credits in any game. You just have filled the survey and free coins are waiting for you.

Final Says

Players require some coins to continue playing this game, so Pokecoins are a very useful item in this game, and we have provided you two simple ways to earn coins without using your wallet. We hope that this article will be beneficial for you to earn Pokecoins in this fantastic game.


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