Pokemon Go game is a virtual reality game which is taking the Android and iOS store at a very rapid speed. The makers of this game have tried their level best to make an amazing and exciting game for you. Pokemon Go game is completely secure & safe and is available on the internet to entertain you. This game is all about catching Pokemon and buying lots of cool items from store. You can get cool items from Pokestops as they are available for all. But you have to find a Pokestop in the game to enjoy the benefits of items. Alternatively, you have to level up to get free items available in Pokestops.

Pokemon Go Pokestops
Pokemon Go Pokestops

What are Pokestops?

In the Pokemon world Pokestops are the lucky dips which aspires Pokemon trainers. These are the places which are attached to the places of interest like churches, statues, memorial plaques. They will provide you lots of Pokeballs, snacks for the hungry Pokemons and medicines for wounded Pokemons. Pokestop will also give you loots of many items in this game. These loots will give you lots of items which are beneficial for you.

If you want to collect the loot, then you should have to find the Pokestop and tap on the icon when it enters in the circular area. Then tap on the concentric circle and it will start rotating. Then you can collect your loot in this game. You need to get cool items from Pokestops which are available in the Pokestops and this will help you to survive in the game.

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How to Buy Items from Pokestops?

In order to survive in this game you need to get cool items from Pokestops and these items are purchasable. You need a currency to buy those items in this game named as Pokecoins. They will help you to buy all the items from Pokestop in this game. These coins are available in the game. You can get Pokecoins for free. You just have to collect them and buy your required products. You may also buy Pokecoins after spending real money.

How To Obtain Egg Incubators, Incense, Lure Modules And More In ‘Pokemon Go’?

You can get cool items from Pokestops in this game as they will help you to play this game more conveniently. The items are:-

1. PokeBalls

They are used to catch Pokemon by the trainer and it is of three types. You have been provided 50 Pokeball in this game. If you are out of Pokeballs then you can buy them from Pokestop with the help of Pokecoins. You may also get Great and Ultra Balls. These are enhanced Pokeballs that will help trainers catch rare and strong Pokemon. These can only be obtained at higher training levels.

2. Incense

This item can be used to lure Pokemon towards yourself. This will attract the hidden Pokemon and will allow you to catch them at very rapid speed for about 30 minutes.

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3. Egg Incubator

This is the most important item to hatch an egg in Pokemon Go game. If the player finds an egg in the game then he should place that egg in the Egg Incubator and have to travel certain distance. In the beginning of the game the player has been provided with one Incubator.

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4.  Lucky Eggs

These eggs are different from regular Pokemon Eggs. These are consumable eggs as they will increase your experience. These eggs will double your experience for about 30 minutes.

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5. Lure Module

This is a sophisticated type of Incense as it will attract the Pokemons at a particular Pokestop. It works for about 30 minutes.

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6. Bag

It is a place where you can store all your non-Pokemon items like Pokeballs, etc. In the beginning your bag can store up to 350 items and if you want to upgrade it then it will give you 50 more space per upgrade.

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7. Revive

This item will help your Pokemon to revive when it will faint during a fight. With revive, your Pokemon will get half of the maximum HP. You can also buy Maximum Revive as it will completely fill your Pokémon’s HP bar in the game.

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8. Potions

This item will restore your Pokemon’s health after battling with gym Pokemon’s. There are different portions types in this game as they are unlocked at different stages. You can buy them after reaching level 5.

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9. Razz Berry

Once you feed Razz berry to the Pokemon which you want to catch then it will be easier to catch him on next turn.

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Pokémon Go players are inviting anyone to add to a detailed Google map of PokéStops and gym locations.

Hope you like this detailed guide about Pokestops. You may share this with your Pokemon go trainer friends out there.


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