Pokemon Go Teams : Pokemon Go is one of the most exciting games in the gaming world these days. People are loving it and going crazy about catching Pokemon. Many people thought that it is a solo game but they are wrong as you can play in teams in this game. This game is more than just catching up of different Pokemon and buying new items. It has different aspects like joining a Team, train your Pokemon, fighting Gym Battle, defending your own Gym and taking over other Gyms etc. Ultimate goal of all these things are to earn Pokecoins. You need Pokecoins to buy the items and you can get Pokecoins as a reward in this game by winning battles and becoming a gym leader. You may also buy them with real money too.

Ultimately, you need to join Pokemon go teams to earn lots of Pokecoins. Joining a team is very helpful to level up and progress in it. This will not have any significant effect on your strengths in this game.

Pokemon Go Teams
Pokemon Go Teams

What are Pokemon Go teams?

Pokemon Go teams are not the group of players that play this game together as it is a particular group that represent you. There are three types of teams in it namely : Instinct, Mystic, and Valor. You need to join any of these teams. The unfortunate news is that you cannot create any team in this game. Each team in this game is represented by a particular color. The three teams are represented by three colors as Instinct – Yellow, Mystic – Blue, Valor – Red.

You should have to choose your team very wisely because you cannot change them any moment. All the three teams will have different leaders and you should play under them. They will give you particular color in the game and you will be represented by that color in Pokemon Go.

1. Team Instinct (Logo – Zapdos)

Team Instinct

Team Instinct is led by Spark, who believes you will never lose when you trust your instincts. Spark studies Pokemon’s intuition, and thinks that it’s related to how Pokemon are hatched. The Yellow Team’s.

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2. Team Mystic (Logo – Articuno)

Team Mystic

The leader of Team Mystic, Blanche, studies Pokemon evolution and claims they cannot lose with their utilization of calm analysis.

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3. Team Valor (Logo – Moltres)

Team Valor

Team Valor is lead by the Candela, who values training and strength. Candela is researching ways to enhance Pokemon’s natural power as she tries to find true strength.

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What are the Requirements to join Pokemon Go Teams?

If you’ve just started Pokemon Go, you won’t be able to access Pokemon Gyms or Teams until you’ve reached Level 5. This is the only way to fight with a Gym trainer in this game. When you reach at level 5 then the game will ask you to join the team and you can choose your favorite team.

Which Team should you choose?

When you are about to join a team on Pokemon Go, you should keep one thing in our mind that you cannot change the team in the game so we should chose our team very wisely. But let’s talk about the actual reality about choosing a team in this game. The team will not have any significant effect. It will not affect our experience in the game. It does not have any role in our progress in this game. So you can choose any of the team in this game according to your convenience. You may wanna read the qualities of Team Leaders before joining them.

  1. Instinct : Team Instinct is lead by Spark who’s motto is to trust your instincts and your pokémon, so if that sounds like you, then he’s your man.
  2. Mystic : Blanche heads up the blue team and she’s all about wisdom. If a logical and academic approach describes your chosen method of worldly interactions, you might want to join their ranks.
  3. Valor : The red team is lead by Candela and is driven by the urge to the very best, and although she’s super keen on things like power and strength. If that’s what drives you, then join valor without a doubt.

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How to join a team in Pokemon Go?

Find a gym. It doesn’t matter which team has control of a gym and it doesn’t matter if you have a Pokemon ready to train or fight. Joining a team requires none of that. The teams all value certain qualities but at the end of the day, no team has any advantage over the other.

  • Level Up to Level 5.
  • Find a Gym
  • Get near enough to it so that it opens up.
  • Professor Willow will introduce you to his three assistants, each of which lead their own teams.
  • Tap the team it is you want to join and you’re in.
  • Once you select a team, you cannot change it (yet).

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When Do Teams Matter?

Teams matter when you want to join a gym. A gym that is controlled by team Mystic can’t be joined by a player that belongs to team Valor. If you want to join a gym but none are available with an open slot and controlled by the same team that you’re on, you will have to battle for turf and kick the other team out. Gym ownership is the only place where teams matter but because gyms are where you train your Pokemon, the teams can thus be very important.

Final Words

The legendary Pokemon in this game represents the particular team like Articuno represents the Mystic, Moltres represents the Valor and Instinct is represented by Zapdos.

Choose wisely and Enjoy the game! Thank you.


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