Pokemon Go Master : Nintendo has introduced a perfect game for all the Pokemon lovers. This game has become a part of daily exercise plan of every Pokemon lover. Game freaks are totally mad at this game as they roam different places in search of Pokemon. The ultimate goal of a Pokemon Go player is to become a Pokemon master in this game. Those who hadn’t seen Pokemon cartoon on TV or they do not know about this concept, we will help you learn about Pokemon master. We will also discuss tips for becoming a Pokemon Master in this amazing game.

Pokemon Master
Pokemon Master

Who is a Pokemon Master?

It is a title in Pokemon world to become a perfect game player. Every player of the Pokemon Go game has a goal to become Pokemon master. It is expected that an indelible player can achieve this position in Pokemon Go game. Well it is a mystery in the Cartoon of Pokemon that how to become a Pokemon Master trainer in Pokemon world?

Pokemon Master according to Wikia Interpretations:

The following are different interpretations of what it truly means to be a “Pokemon Master”: Source

1. Winning the Pokemon World-Class Championship.

  • After winning the Pokemon Master-Class Tournament, there would be a tournament. That’s the Pokemon World-Class Championship that if won, someone would be the Pokemon Master.

2. A Pokemon Trainer who has captured (or is the first person to capture) all Pokémon.

  • This is the most common interpretation of the term. However, this would be practically impossible for any Pokémon Trainer to achieve in reality, since some species of Pokémon appear to have only a single organism in the entire species, which is difficult to obtain or has already been captured by another Trainer. Also, brand-new species of Pokémon are being discovered all the time.

3. A Pokémon Trainer who has defeated all Gym Leaders in their region and obtained all the Gym Badges.

  • This is a more achievable goal; however, this implies that there can be (and, in fact, are) many Pokémon Masters, not just one.

4. A Pokémon Champion : A Pokémon Champion is a trainer who has beaten a region’s Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and the previous Champion.

5. A Pokémon Champion who can never be defeated.

6. A Pokémon Trainer who has captured at least one of every Pokémon Type.

7. A Pokémon Trainer who has captured or defeated Mewtwo.

8. A Pokémon Trainer who professionally battles Pokémon in tournaments and is generally well known.

9. A Pokémon Trainer who has defeated the Elite Four and Battle Frontier in every single region of the Pokémon World.

10. A Pokémon Trainer who has won some kind of a Pokémon Master tournament.

  • It is possible that one must win all league tournaments, capture as many Pokémon as possible along with large amount of knowledge of them and become unbeatable to become an Pokémon Master.

How to Become Pokemon GO Master – Basic Tips (Set 1)?

In order to become a Pokemon Master in Pokemon Go, follow below tips:

1. Quickly find nearby Pokemon

Firstly we should have to find a nearby Pokemon. If there is a green rectangle flashing around the white bar then it means that you are moving in right direction. Once you reach to that Pokemon then you can catch him with the help of Pokeball.

2. Use Pokestops

Initially you have been provided some items to survive in this game but these items are not enough to play this game for a long period of time. You should make use of Pokestops and buy the required items.

3. Make use of Lucky Eggs

Lucky eggs will boost you XP () for a limited period of time and you should use this item when needed. Use this with Incense and it will increase your Pokemon catching speed.

4. Catch all the Pokemon

You should catch as many Pokemon as you can. You should catch a Pokemon even if you own that before because this will bring you additional candy in this game.

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5. Spend all your Candy on some particular Pokemon

We all know that candy is used to evolve a Pokemon and they are precious too so we should not waste them in evolving different Pokemon. We should have to evolve some Particular Pokemon.

6. Make use of other Lures

This is one of the important tips for becoming a Pokemon Master. You should have to use the lures of other person because unlike Incense it will affect all the persons in that particular area. So you can make use of the other player’s lures.

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7. Use Pikachu as a starter Pokemon

You can use trick to make Pikachu as your starter Pokemon. In the beginning of the game when Professor asks you to choose three of the Pokemon you just refuse them and walk away. Try this step two or three times and then Pikachu will appear and you can catch him.

8. Understand your limits

You cannot catch all kinds of Pokemon in the beginning of this game, so don’t waste your Pokeballs on those creatures.

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9. Spend your coins wisely

You should spend your Pokecoins wisely and don’t waste them on buying Pokeballs because you can find some free Pokeballs in the game when roaming around your nearby places.

10. Disable AR

This game allows you to disable AR so that you can catch Pokemon very easily. It will also save battery life of your device as this game consumes large amount of your device battery.

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Final Words

For very Pokemon player, Pokemon master is very important title to achieve. Every player of this game tries their level best to become a master. That is why we have provided some tips that will be definitely beneficial for you. We hope that these tips help you.

Thank you.


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